Sales Agent Payment System

An Introduction to the Sales Agent Payment System

Finally a service that unites Sales Agents and Sales Campaigns!
If you have a product or service that you want to promote & sell, you can use our web application to create a sales campaign to attract and recruit sales agents. We are a software development business that specialises in web based development. As with other new and small businesses our biggest problem was bringing in new clients. With this in mind we designed and created the Sales Agent Payment System.

A multi level marketing system that allows campaign creators to create their sales campaign including agent payment structures up to ten levels deep.

Campaign Creators

Campaign creators can use the Sales Agents Payment System (SAPS) to recruit commission based sales agents for your sales & marketing campaigns.
Once registered you will be able to create your campaign, configure your agent rules & rewards & start recruiting.
You can also promote your Sales Campaigns on social media using our tools!


Sales Agents

As an Independent Sales Agent (ISA) you can earn a commission based income. The opportunities that we call Campaigns, can only be joined by a registered ISA.

You will be able to recruit sales agents into your team for specific campaigns. When one of the agents in your team earn from a campaign you also earn. By you helping others and others helping you wealth is created. This is affiliate marketing.
In this way you can build a local, national and international team which significantly increases your revenue streams. In business for yourself but not by yourself.
SAPS understands that you are motivated by the freedom to decide your own goals and life-styles.
Agents are attracted to the SAPS opportunity because they are free to work as hard as they want, achieve whatever goals they set, and spend their time and money however they choose.
Campaigns will always remain free for agents to join.